"Most of the team hadn't seen the jerseys or logo yet, until we brought them over just before the next game. They were just completely stunned at how good it looked. They just couldn't believe it. When I told them how much the jerseys cost, they instantly pulled out their wallets without a word and handed over the money. Just like that: boom! It was so funny. A small crowd at the park also started to gather around our end of the [outdoor] rink during warm-ups, and you could tell that it was us they were watching. We looked awesome and felt like an [professional] team."

                                                                                     -California Knights Hockey Club (Los Angeles)

"There was this guy in our league, who was coaching the team we were playing against that night. He's a guy that always wants the best, and tends to get it all the time with money. When he saw me come out with my professional-looking coach's shirt, handing out the team shirts to all the kids, his eyes just bulged. You could tell he was so jealous, but couldn't swallow his pride to ask me where I got the logo designed. The kids and parents also loved the surprise. I was pretty smug that whole night!"

                                                                                          -Eagles Basketball (Northwinds)