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Hi y'all! My name is Kristen, and I'm a seasoned writer, playwright, director, screenwriter, and tutor.  I'm always working on the next great story and have hundreds of play productions under my belt. As a former professional tutor from a writing center, being an editor and beta reader is second-nature to me as lassoing a bull.


I'm a woman of the Wild West at heart, and with a trusty horse and my German Sheperds I can hold my own on the ranges of Montana and Utah. I don't mind a good broadsword by my side too. (Did I mention some of my plays have daring sword fights?) I've traveled the world doing things like participating in an archeological dig in England or competiting in the rodeo.


I have an affinity for pirate novels, westerns, romance, action adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, fairy tales, mystery/detective, and stories about Regency England in the 1800s. But I really like to read anything meant to be entertaining, witty, and fun. 


While I've learned much of my craft the ol' fashioned way by experience, I also have a university degree in Creative Writing and Screenwriting.